Birth Injury Support Guide

Birth Injury Support


If your child is suffering from a birth injury, you probably have many questions about what caused the injury, what your child’s prognosis is, and what you can do to make sure she receives the best medical attention and support possible. This Birth Injury Guide is designed to help answer some of your questions and support you as you take positive steps toward coping with your child’s birth injury.

In this Guide you’ll find helpful information on causes, symptoms and prognoses of the many different types of birth injuries. You’ll also find resources for helping you plan for care for your child and getting the support you need to cope with the social, emotional, physical and financial effects of serious birth injuries.

Finally, the Guide includes information on the legal issues involved in birth injury cases. The birth injury lawyers at Paul & Perkins know that financial compensation cannot truly compensate families suffering from a birth injury for their pain and suffering. However, just compensation can hold the responsible parties accountable and assist you in providing the best treatment and care for your injured child.

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