Support for Parents of a Child with Serious a Birth Injury

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February 26, 2015
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Support for Parents of a Child with Serious a Birth Injury

Sometimes it’s hard to reach out for help when you most need it. This is especially true when you’re trying to be strong for your family and care for your injured child. However, support from professionals and others who have gone through similar doubts, fears, and pain can be just what you need to help you cope with the reality of having a child with a birth injury.

Benefits of Having a Support Group

While a support group can’t drive away your pain or worry, connecting with people who have or are having similar experiences and feelings can be the beginning of the healing process for you. In a support group, you might feel the comfort of feeling understood and of not being judged. You might learn new coping skills and see that others have survived what you are going through.

Support groups are also a good place to learn about how to handle insurance providers and hospital representatives and discover resources that are available to you. It’s also important to know that you have support when you need it. With a support group, you are not alone, for there are other caring, understanding people ready to help you cope with your situation whenever you need help.

Finding a Support Group

Hospitals often sponsor birth injury support groups, which are the easiest to locate, since they will contact you. However, if you want to look for a support group specific to your child’s condition, doing a Google search and looking on social media might lead you to a group that meets your specific needs. Also, hospital or library bulletin boards might contain useful information about support groups in your community.

Support Groups Are for You

Support groups provide different kinds of support, depending on what you need. First, groups typically provide a safe space to tell your story to empathetic listeners. Second, you might find support from others who have already gone through what you’re experiencing and can share their experiences with you. Finally, groups might even offer an opportunity for your child to interact with other children with a similar birth injury.

It’s important to remember that support groups exist to help you. There is no pressure to come to every meeting. There is no pressure to be positive and always achieving new goals.

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